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The Mint Mayo Bagel

1 Bagel

1 tsp Mint Sauce

Photo by Christian Kaindl on Unsplash

1 tsp Mayonaise

3 slices of Ham

Take one bagel, cut in half and lightly toast then allow to cool.

Spread mayo on one half.

Spread mint sauce on the other half.

Place ham between bagel slices and serve.

What you have just read is the recipe for my wife’s favourite meal over Christmas.

Morning sickness (or always sickness as I refer to it) has been abusing her constantly since week five and as a result, at the times when the sickness was at it’s worst, she could stomach only cold foods or, to be exact, she could stomach only ham sandwiches/bagels and the occasional bag of ready salted french fries.

We added the mint sauce in an attempt to give the ham bagels a more Christmasy feel, and for the most part it worked a charm, as long as it stayed down of course.

Being fifteen weeks at the time of writing the sickness has gotten progressively better, either that or my wife has gotten progressively better at coping with it, and for that she is an absolute trooper.

There is nothing worse than the helpless feeling of being stood outside the bathroom door holding a glass of water and thinking that, as a man, I am getting away with murder.

Photo by manu schwendener on Unsplash

If continuous sickness wasn’t enough for her to deal with, her discomfort at night has truly begun, when you are pregnant, there is no comfortable position to sleep in, you can pile every shape of cushion imaginable into the bed, they just don’t help, it has reached the point where we climb into bed on a night and she disappears into her pregnancy fort, and she still isn’t graced with the comfort she deserves, and there is nothing I can do to help her.

Photo by u/rsrhsjjYG from Reddit

It doesn’t help that my nature is to fall almost instantly to sleep the second my head hits the pillow, I imagine that this annoys her even more, though I have no idea, because by that point I am already dreaming of mint mayo bagels.

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