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The Best Christmas Present

Why is it that no matter how old you get, or how long you have been trying for a baby the thought of telling your parents you’re pregnant is terrifying.

Me and my wife, 2010, two months after we starting seeing each other.

Don’t get me wrong, the excitement that I felt from the second I found out right up until the second I finally got to tell everyone the news was massive.

But the whole thing was still so damn frightening.

We officially had our first scan photo, we were now sitting almost on top of the twelve week ‘safe zone’ and my wife and I were discussing how we would tell our families.

My mother in law was not included in this discussion as she found out about two weeks after we got home from Rome and was already suffering from the same secret keeping itch as we were.

The big question however, was how do you do it?

How do you announce to your family that they are going to be Grandparents and Aunties, Great Grandparents and Great everything else’s.

Should there by balloons? Should there by fireworks? Should there be dancers and a string quartet? Will I have to make a speech?

Oh god, there was going to be a speech.

My last attempt at a speech was at our wedding.

Things were going perfectly well, I followed my notes to the letter, then a moment of madness came over me and I thanked my parents for having me.

Me the second after realising what I just said in my wedding speech.

So, I would have to say a few words, keep it simple, wish everyone a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year tell them that next year would be even more exciting as there would be a new addition to the family.

Photo courtesy of Stuart Bowes aka Dad

Just like that all of the anxiety of the past few weeks faded away, curious faces turned to excited ones and there was a race to see who could hug us first.

My dad sat grinning in the corner and told me later that he just knew, the birds at the park had already told him.

We had baubles made for our parents with the scan photo inside of them and they received pride of place on both trees the second they got home. 

What followed this evening of anxiety and eventual triumph was one of the best Christmas times I have ever experienced, having more people to talk to about the pregnancy was a huge weight off our shoulders.

Between Christmas and New Year we called a few other people to give them the news, before we issued our ‘official’ announcement on Facebook on New Years Eve.

This seemed like the easiest thing in the world after telling our parents.

In the middle of all the Christmas madness we went for our official twelve week scan, it went well and we got our first photo of babies face (side profile) but were told that we were a little bit early (11+5) meaning for the sonographer to get the correct measurements we would have to come back a couple of weeks later.

We returned after another wait and received the next scan, at which point we finally got our official due date, 11th July. 

Hearing that we had an official due date was more exciting than I could have imagined, the whole thing was starting to feel very real, and while I thought this would terrify me it was in fact the complete opposite, I was more excited than I have ever been in my life.

This post brings us up to the current date, meaning all posts following will be chronicling our pregnancy as it happens.

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