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Where do I start?

To say that the almost two years since I last wrote on my blog have been crazy would be a wild understatement!

Yet here I am, coming to you live from a house filled with Christmas cheer and the smiles of a little boy that brings me happiness I cannot even comprehend.

Over the course of the next bunch of posts I will be mixing stories from the moment, with the odd historic tale about the time I have been away from the blog.

And so, without further gilding the lily,. And with no more ado,. I give to you Arthur Roman, the cutest, happiest little guy I have ever known.

Arthur and my beautiful wife.

The lead up to Christmas has always excited me, from getting the decorations out of the loft to blasting Last Christmas out of the car windows while the icy morning air freezes my ears.

This year however, was different. It was more exciting than it has ever been in my entire life, more exciting than the christmases I would be bouncing off the walls for as a child.

The reason for that, is Arthur. His little face takes the excitement, throws it into a blender and whacks it up to max power with the lid off. And I love it!

COVID has been hard for everyone, but Arthur is one of the true COVID babies, he was born right at the end of lockdown one.

No family and no friends. Just me and my wife, and we smashed it! I couldn’t imagine how well we would handle such a crazy situation, but we didn’t just make it through, we bonded with each other and with Arthur on a level that amazed even ourselves.

But I digress, the run up to Christmas was a strange affair. Borris sent us able to work from home folk that had just started to settle in to hybrid working back to our dining room tables. And in the process sent Christmas plans in to uproar.

Omicron started spreading like a wild fire and in the last week before Christmas we were left trying to figure out how best to navigate family visits leading up to the big event and also what to do on the day itself.

My wife and I are both triple vaccinated but we like to be as careful as possible when it comes to Arthur, the fact is that if he caught the virus he would probably be perfectly fine, but why take the risk?

So we were extra careful, we did our tests as did the family that we saw leading up to Christmas, we wore our masks everywhere we went (which wasn’t much further than the living room), we kept washing our hands and we kept our fingers crossed.

Thankfully we all arrived at Arthur’s Grandmas house (sorry Jo) on Christmas Day COVID free and ready to enjoy our Christmas dinner.

Sorry for pulling you away from desert son.

I even managed to find the energy to perform at little puppet show with some of Arthur’s new toys, thank god he can’t feel embarrassment watching me yet. At least I hope he can’t.

After stumbling into the house at the end of Christmas Day to full to do virtually anything besides the most basic parenting the little man went to bed after the first Christmas that it felt like he knew something (whatever that may be) was different, and he was a little angel.

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